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Wet Cutting Continuous Rim Tile Blades

These continuous rim wet cutting tile blades are the best on the market. They are economical, long lasting and cut great.  The "Supreme" blades cut porcelain tile quickly and do not dull up. A great seller!

Standard Quality

Size Seg Part Number Price
4"X.060 5MM WTCSMLE4X060X5MM $5.00
4.5"X.060 5MM WTCSMLE4.5X060X5MM $12.00
5"X.060 8MM WTCSMLE5X060X8MM $15.00
6"X.060 5MM WTCSMLE6X060X5MM $13.75
7"X.060 5MM WTCSMLE7X060X5MM $14.00
8"X.060 5MM WTCSMLE8X060X5MM $15.00
10"X.060 5MM WTCSMLE10X060X5MM $25.00
10"X.080 10MM WTCSMLE10X080X10MM
12"X.080 10MM WTCSMLE12X080X10MM $45.00
14"X.080 10MM WTCSMLE14X080X10MM $57.50

Premium Quality

Size Seg Part Number Price
4"X.060 7MM WTCSMLP4X060X7MM $6.00
4.5"X.060 7MM WTCSMLP4.5X060X7MM $7.50
5"X.060 7MM WTCSMLP5X060X7MM $9.60
6"X.060 7MM WTCSMLP6X060X7MM $12.00
7"X.060 7MM WTCSMLP7X060X7MM $15.00
8"X.060 7MM WTCSMLP8X060X7MM $19.00
10"X.060 7MM WTCSMLP10X060X7MM $31.00
10"X.080 10MM WTCSMLP10X080X10MM


12"X.080 10MM WTCSMLP12X080X10MM $44.00
14"X.080 10MM WTCSMLP14X080X10MM $58.00

Supreme Quality

Size Seg Part Number Price
4"X.060 7MM WTCSMLS4X060X7MM $7.50
4.5"X.060 7MM WTCSMLS4.5X060X7MM $9.60
5"X.060 7MM WTCSMLS5X060X7MM $12.00
6"X.060 7MM WTCSMLS6X060X7MM $14.40
7"X.060 7MM WTCSMLS7X060X7MM $16.80
8"X.060 7MM WTCSMLS8X060X7MM $21.60
10"X.060 7MM WTCSMLS10X060X7MM $33.60
10"X.080 10MM WTCSMLS10X080X10MM $36.00
12"X.080 10MM WTCSMLS12X080X10MM $52.80
14"X.090 10MM WTCSMLS14X090X10MM $70.00
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