Dry Cutting Continuous Rim Tile Blades






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These continuous rim tile blades are economical, long lasting and fast cutting. They are a big seller and our customers give us rave reviews on these blades.

Standard Quality

Size Seg Part Number Price Qty
4"X.060 7MM DTCSMLE4X060X7MM $4.00
4.5"X.060 7MM DTCSMLE4.5X060X7MM $5.00
5"X.060 7MM DTCSMLE5X060X7MM $6.40
6"X.060 7MM DTCSMLE6X060X7MM $8.00
7"X.060 7MM DTCSMLE7X060X7MM $9.60
8"X.060 7MM DTCSMLE8X060X7MM $12.80
10"X.060 5MM DTCSMLE10X060X5MM $20.00
12"X.080 10MM DTCSMLE12X080X10MM $44.00

Premium Quality


Size Seg Part Number Price Qty
4"X.060 7MM DTCSMLP4X060X7MM $6.00
4.5"X.060 7MM DTCSMLP4.5X060X7MM $7.20
5"X.060 7MM DTCSMLP5X060X7MM $9.60
6"X.060 7MM DTCSMLP6X060X7MM $12.00
7"X.060 7MM DTCSMLP7X060X7MM $14.50
8"X.060 7MM DTCSMLP8X060X7MM $19.00
10"X.060 9.5MM DTCSMLP10X060X9.5MM $46.00
12"X.080 10MM DTCSMLP12X080X10MM $105.00

Supreme Quality

Size Seg Part Number Price Qty
4"X.060 7MM DTCSMLS4X060X7MM $10.00
4.5"X.060 7MM DTCSMLS4.5X060X7MM $13.00
5"X.060 7MM DTCSMLS5X060X7MM $16.00
6"X.060 7MM DTCSMLS6X060X7MM $19.00
7"X.060 7MM DTCSMLS7X060X7MM $22.00
8"X.060 7MM DTCSMLS8X060X7MM $29.00
10"X.060 10MM DTCSMLS10X060X10MM $84.00
12"X.080 10MM DTCSMLS12X080X10MM $138.00

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