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Dry Cutting High RPM Laser Welded Segmented Blades for Cutting Masonry

These blades work best at high rpm on Stihl, Homelite, and other gas saws with speeds to 6,000 rpm.

Standard Quality

Size Seg Part Number Price
7"X.090 10MM DMSLMME7X090X10MM $40.00
8"X.090 10MM DMSLMME8X090X10MM $45.00
10"X.090 10MM DMSLMME10X090X10MM $60.00
12"X.125 10MM DMSLMME12X125X10MM $87.00
14"X.125 10MM DMSLMME14X125X10MM $103.00
16"X.125 10MM DMSLMME16X125X10MM


18"X.142 10MM DMSLMME18X142X10MM


20"X.142 10MM DMSLMME20X142X10MM $187.00

Premium Quality

Size Seg Part Number Price
7"X.090 10MM DMSLMMP7X090X10MM $50.00
8"X.090 10MM DMSLMMP8X090X10MM $56.00
10"X.090 10MM DMSLMMP10X090X10MM $74.00
12"X.125 10MM DMSLMMP12X125X10MM $108.00
14"X.125 10MM DMSLMMP14X125X10MM $128.00
16"X.125 10MM DMSLMMP16X125X10MM $156.00
18"X.142 10MM DMSLMMP18X142X10MM $206.00
20"X.142 10MM DMSLMMP20X142X10MM $234.00

Supreme Quality  

Size Seg Part Number Price
7"X.090 10MM DMSLMMS7X090X10MM $60.00
8"X.090 10MM DMSLMMS8X090X10MM $67.00
10"X.090 10MM DMSLMMS10X090X10MM $90.00
12"X.125 10MM DMSLMMS12X125X10MM $132.00
14"X.125 10MM DMSLMMS14X125X10MM $156.00
16"X.125 10MM DMSLMMS16X125X10MM $189.00
18"X.142 10MM DMSLMMS18X142X10MM $249.00
20"X.142 10MM DMSLMMS20X142X10MM $282.00
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