Dry Cutting General Purpose Sintered Segmented Turbo Blades





These "segmented" Turbo Blades have slots to help cool the segments and to move the cuttings away from the diamonds.  They cut almost everything well and are very popular for hand saws.

Standard Quality

Size Seg Part Number Price Qty
4"X.085 8MM DGPSSTMME4X085X8MM $12.50
4.5"X.085 8MM DGPSSTMME4.5X085X8MM $15.25
5"X.085 8MM DGPSSTMME5X085X8MM $17.50
6"X.090 8MM DGPSSTMME6X090X8MM $21.75
7"X.090 8MM DGPSSTMME7X090X8MM $30.75
8"X.090 8MM DGPSSTMME8X090X8MM $38.25
10"X.100 8MM DGPSSTMME10X100X8MM $53.75
12"X.125 10MM DGPSSTMME12X125X10MM $66.00
14"X.125 10MM DGPSSTMME14X125X10MM $82.00

Premium Quality


Size Seg Part Number Price Qty
4"X.085 8MM DGPSSTMMP4X085X8MM $16.75
4.5"X.085 8MM DGPSSTMMP4.5X085X8MM $20.25
5"X.085 8MM DGPSSTMMP5X085X8MM $23.50
6"X.090 8MM DGPSSTMMP6X090X8MM $29.25
7"X.090 8MM DGPSSTMMP7X090X8MM $40.75
8"X.090 8MM DGPSSTMMP8X090X8M $51.00
10"X.100 8MM DGPSSTMMP10X100X8MM $69.00
12"X.125 10MM DGPSSTMMP12X125X10MM $94.00
14"X.125 10MM DGPSSTMMP14X125X10MM $124.00

Supreme Quality

Size Seg Part Number Price Qty
4'X.085 8MM DGPSSTMMS4X085X8MM $21.00
4.5"X.085 8MM DGPSSTMMS4.5X085X8MM $25.50
5"X.085 8MM DGPSSTMMS5X085X8MM $29.25
6"X.090 8MM DGPSSTMMS6X090X8MM $36.75
7"X.090 8MM DGPSSTMMS7X090X8MM $51.00
8"X.090 8MM DGPSSTMMS8X090X8MM $63.75
10"X.100 8MM DGPSSTMMS10X100X8MM $89.25
12"X.125 10MM DGPSSTMMS12X125X10MM $116.75
14"X.125 10MM DGPSSTMMS14X125X10MM $154.50

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