Dry Laser Welded Crack Chaser Blades




Our crack chaser blades cut quickly, last & last, and are very economical to use either wet or dry.  A big seller!

Premium Quality


Size Seg

Part Number

Price Qty
4"X.250 12MM DCSLMMP4X250X12MM $38.00
4"X.375 12MM DCSLMMP4X375X12MM $52.00
4.5"X.250 12MM DCSLMMP4.5X250X12MM $42.00
4.5"X.375 12MM DCSLMMP4.5X375X12MM $58.00
5"X.250 12MM DCSLMMP5X250X12MM $52.00
5"X.375 12MM DCSLMMP5X375X12MM $64.00
6"X.250 12MM DCSLMMP6X250X12MM   
6"X.375 12MM DCSLMMP6X375X12MM   
7"X.250 12MM DCSLMMP7X250X12MM $80.00
7"X.375 12MM     DCSLMMP7X375X12MM        $102.00

Supreme Quality

Size Seg Part Number Price Qty
4"X.250 12.7MM DCSLMMS4X250X12.7MM $46.00
4"X.375 12.7MM DCSLMMS4X375X12.7MM $63.00
4.5"X.250 12.7MM DCSLMMS4.5X250X12.7MM $50.00
4.5"X.375 12.7MM DCSLMMS4.5X375X12.7MM $70.00
5"X.250 12.7MM DCSLMMS5X250X12.7MM $63.00
5"X.375 12.7MM DCSLMMS5X375X12.7MM $77.00
6"X.250 12MM DCSLMMS6X250X12MM   
6"X.375 12MM DCSLMMS6X375X12MM   
7"X.250 12.7MM DCSLMMS7X250X12.7MM $96.00
7"X.375 12.7MM DCSLMMS7X375X12.7MM $123.00
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