Value Diamond Tool Company's President, Edward J. Dempsey, began selling diamond tools in 1958 while attending Occidental College in Los Angeles.  Mr. Dempsey has been building and designing tools and machinery using diamond bits and blades since 1961. He was the first person to apply 400 HZ electrical power to concrete cutting machines, eventually developing a complete comprehensive 400 HZ cutting system used by many professional concrete cutters.

The team of Value Diamond Tool Company's executives, engineers and marketing personnel amount to well over 200 years of experience.  VDTC's affordable quality diamond tools include blades of asphalt, concrete, masonry, stone, tile, etc. to meet your cutting needs.  All products are tested to provide customers with the best balance of cutting speed and tool life for the money spent.



We invite you to contact us to receive information on how to reduce your company's labor costs and improve your diamond tool life, making your company's cutting operations more efficient.

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Value Diamond Tool Company
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Toll Free:  877-755-1234 | Toll Free Fax: 877-755-1235
Email: info@valuediamond.net

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